Financial information

  1. Tuition fees are calculated as an annual amount payable to The Collective Genius Centre. Various payment methods as seen in the annual fee structure are calculated according to payment intervals.
  2. Full annual amount payments must be in the form of electronic transfer. Please quote the name and surname of the student as the reference when doing an electronic transfer.
  3. Four term payments must be made on 01/01/2022, 01/04/2022, 01/07/2022, 01/10/2022 respectively or the termly discount does not apply.
  4. Twelve monthly payments by EFT must be made by the 1st of each month from January 2022 to December 2022. Should the 1st of the month occur on a Saturday or a Sunday, the fee payment will be due on the Friday prior to the weekend.
  5. Notice for termination of the enrolment agreement must be given in writing to The Collective Genius Centre by a parent or guardian. A full term’s notice is required for students who will be leaving the Centre. All fees are due in full until such time as the notice period has been observed.
  6. Failure to attend classes by a student does not qualify as a notice of cancellation and all fees will be due in full.
  7. Outstanding monthly fees which are not settled by 1st of the month may be subject to penalties and suspended tuition until such time as fees are paid in full.
  8. Students who are unable to attend classes may book individual extra lessons with their tutors at an ‘Extra Lesson’ fee charged per hour which will be added to the monthly invoice.
  9. Sundry charges for school outings etc. will be charged from time-to-time and are payable monthly upon receipt of the monthly statement following signed consent forms and indemnity documentation.
  10. Practical components for Physics, Chemistry and Biology are not included in the annual fee structure.
  11. Examinations: (this applies to Senior Level Enrolments)
    1. Senior Level 2, Senior Level 3 and Senior Level 4 examinations are written externally and are not included in the annual fee structure.
    2. The external examination provider will be Lonehill Academy, 3505 William Nicol Drive, Fourways. Please note exams are written at Lonehill Academy’s premises.
    3. Exams are written in May/ June and October/ November each year, below is an outline of the process:
      1. The Collective Genius Centre will send out quotations based on the subjects your child will be writing, these are sent at least 3 months before the registration is due:
        • December of the preceding year for the May/ June exams
        • March for the October/ November exams
      2. Quotations are to be accepted via email and an invoice will be sent immediately
      3. Payment dates:
        • January for the May/ June exams
        • June for the October/ November exams
    4. The Collective Genius Centre requires full payment upfront, failure to make payment by the stipulated date for exams will result in penalties being incurred from the external provider.
    5. No exam fee will be paid over unless your account is up to date.
    6. Upon registration with the external provider, The Collective Genius Centre will email a statement of entry which needs to be checked by the parent and confirm the information is correct.
    7. A full document on the examination procedure will be made available to applicable parents and guardians at the start of each academic year outlining the process in detail.

Banking Details:

Account name:
JCN ED (Pty) Ltd

First National Bank

Branch code:
210 835

Account number:
630 047 888 24

Please email proof of payment to: