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Head of Centre | Afrikaans Tutor | Biology Tutor

I completed a B.Sc.degree in Human Physiology, and after having children completed my Post Graduate Certificate in Education for the Senior and FET Phase. I’ve taught various subjects to various ages of which I enjoyed teaching Junior Science (Form 3) and Biology (Form 4/IGCE) most.

The things that I feel most passionate about in life are the youth, education and the natural world. Being a teacher at The Collective Genius has afforded me the opportunity to combine these passions into my daily life. Teaching in today’s ever changing circumstances, presents teachers with many challenges. Doing so in an environment where acceptance of individual differences is embraced and catered for, which is the case at The Collective Genius, makes it very rewarding though.


Business Studies Tutor | Accounting Tutor | Economics Tutor

I joined The Collective Genius in 2018, at a time in my life when I decided to pursue my dreams. Leaving the corporate world behind, I ventured into the world of education, where I found my purpose in life. So many times, I found myself learning important lessons from my students – even if it was just to live in the moment more. Learning in the classroom is a two-way street.

Helping students to reach their potential and exceed their own expectations has been my driving force in growing the Centre. It is about seeing each student, each family as individuals, hearing their stories and offering them a space in which they can thrive and feel safe. It has been an honour and privilege to facilitate the journey of success for students and parents thus far – here’s to the future generation of learning!

“Be cheerful, strive to be happy” – Desiderata by Max Ehrmann.


Mathematics Tutor | Physics Tutor

I am currently in the process of my BSc in Nuclear Sciences and Engineering at Wits. My goal is to pursue my Honours in Physics, as a stepping stone into the wider world of Academia. After four years of tutoring experience, I’ve learnt that I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills, and helping learners develop and understanding and keen interest in Maths and Physics. At the end of the day, they are the generation that may one day change the world through their fresh and creative application of the concepts learnt during these fundamental years.

Luke Kerker

Luke Kerker

Computer Science Tutor
I am currently in my final year of my bachelors in Computer Science. I wish to specialize in Artificial Intelligence for my honours degree and use this knowledge to contribute to the ever growing technology sector. I’m passionate about sharing my understanding about the technology sector and helping people comprehend the intricate inner workings of technology. I find it a great honour to be able to teach and guide the younger generation in their pursuit for knowledge.

Kgothatso Lebeko

Chemistry Tutor | Junior Mathematics Tutor

I studied a BSc in Biological Sciences at Wits, in which I majored in Chemistry and Applied Chemistry. I also hold an honours degree in Chemistry. While completing my studies, I tutored mathematics and science privately to primary and high school students. Through tutoring I developed a love for teaching as I realized how fulfilling and powerful it is. I think the greatest reward is the look on a students face when they finally understand a concept which you are trying to teach them.

David Ndaye

David Ndaye

French Tutor

I have been teaching French for almost a decade now from primary to tertiary level. I have a master’s degree in French and African literature from Rhodes university and a Honor’s in French language and translation from the university of Johannesburg.

I am a registered sworn translator and I enjoyed teaching French.

Hannah Branken

Hannah Branken

Junior English Tutor | Senior English Literature Tutor

My name is Hannah Branken. I am currently studying a BA in English and Psychology at Witwatersrand University and plan to get my PGCSE and Honours in Educational psychology in 2024. I also spent 2 years working and training at a special needs school for autism and have been tutoring in special needs for almost 3 years, which has given invaluable experience in adapting my teaching approach to each learner’s individual learning needs and style. I am also passionate about languages and literature and hope to nurture a similar love for it in each of my students.

Zayaan Sarlie

Zayaan Sarlie

Senior English Tutor | History Tutor

I have completed my BA honors in Psychology, my PGCE and I have obtained a Mental Wellness Counsellor certificate. Through training in both the Education and Mental Wellness fields, I believe that I have gained experience that can create an environment that fosters growth and continuous learning whilst inspiring curiosity. I think that the most fulfilling experience is shaping the minds of the next generation and helping them grow.

Mulanga Maenganye

Junior Science Tutor | Geography Tutor | Biology tutor

I completed a BSc in Environmental Science majoring in Ecology, Biology, and Geography. I also completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education for the senior and FET phase. I have tutored geography students in varsity and worked for NRF/SAASTA promoting STEMI subjects in schools. I worked as an education assistant and acted as a scribe, prompter, and reader to learners having learning disabilities.

Classrooms are spaces for discovery and explanation, and I work hard to differentiate learning so that each learner’s unique skills are emphasized.

Eunice Wayiza

Cleaner & support